“Curb Your Enthusiasm For Obama?”

“The Democrats, who promise to end the war in Iraq, create jobs and provide universal health care, ignore these promises once election cycles are over. And we never make them pay. They gave us NAFTA, the destruction of welfare and increased military spending, and we gave them our vote. This is the party that took back Congress in 2006 on an anti-war platform and then increased troop levels and funding for the Iraq war. This is a party that talks about the crushing weight of debt carried by Americans and then refuses to cap predatory interest rates as high as 30 percent imposed by credit card companies. This is a party that promises to protect our constitutional rights and then passes the FISA bill to protect the telecommunications companies. The list goes on. These politicians, including Obama, must begin to feel heat. They must learn that there is a cost to be paid for working on behalf of corporations and disempowering citizens.”

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2 Responses to ““Curb Your Enthusiasm For Obama?””

  1. solo7 Says:

    Perhaps, they’ve been learning a thing or two from the Republicans during their 8 year reign of terror upon the ordinary citizens of this nation. I agree with you that there is a strong possibility that they will not deliver on some of their campaign promises, I’d just like to keep it simple by saying that neither have the the Republicans.

    The very ones who vowed to restore honor and respectability to the White House…..have done precious little to that effect. I am not saying that your assertions are wrong….I’m just saying that they are not unique to the Democrats, whether led by Obama or any of his predecessors.

  2. solo7 Says:

    Perhaps the Obama campaign has learned a thing or two from the Republicans during their 8 year reign of terror upon the ordinary citizens of this nation. They too have a history of promising much, and delivering on precious little…..or promising nothing, but more of the same.

    You may be right in your assertions, I’d just like to keep things on an even keel by saying that the problem is not unique to the Democrats or to Barack Obama, several Republican Administrations have done exactly the same thing, and perhaps if they are successful in creating a sense of fear and panic in the American people around the person and politics of Barack Obama….we may be in for another 4 agonizing years of the same thing.

    The politics of fear, will continue to rear it’s ugly head in the upcoming weeks, even if Barack Obama could walk on the water and feed the 5 thousand with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread, unfortunately there are millions of people in this country who will NEVER, vote for a President who just happens to be an African American. Sad, but true.

    To Obama’s credit, I’ve never heard him say that he was running on a racial platform, he has made no special promises to Black People, and I don’t believe that he will. For all his flaws, Barack Obama does seem to realize, that his task will be to govern all people, and not to cherry pick and grant favors to the select few, as has been the repeated practice of this current Administration.

    It remains to be seen if he will deliver on all of his promises, I hope that he does, but will not be surprised if he cannot or does not. Again I say that he would not be the first or the last President to fail dismally at doing this.

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