“Ron Paul’s Four Points”

(Comment By Caferell)
The Four Points are the key to the future of American politics.

The four points need to become a major topic of political debate. The discussion should ignore soccer moms and military service and character and experience and blablabla. Instead the discussion should be about the critical, even existential issues that America now faces. Will we be a country perpetually at war? Will we continue to violate Americans’ rights an torture and jail others without trial? Will we get ourselves into such debt that we leave a legacy of poverty to the next generation? Will we continue to let the administration of our government escape further and further from the control of the people?

Can we get the media to focus on these four points, and if not can we make the four points a viral phenomenon on the Internet until every American is forced to think about them?

This agreement on the four points is the key to unshackling us from perpetual war and a police state.

May God give great favor to the dissemination of these principles.

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