“Elmer Gantry Economics”

From The Article:
“This crisis, if left unattended, could hurt people that made right decisions,” Bauer simpered. “This [bailout] is not rewarding bad decisions. This is an attempt to prevent those bad decisions from hurting people that had no part in them.”

Actually, those of us who had no part in those “bad decisions” are already being hurt. And we’re in for much greater pain in the future. That much is out of our hands. The Uber-Bailout would do nothing to protect the relatively innocent and powerless. However, it would greatly palliate the deserved pain of those who are powerful and guilty. And it would end — “temporarily,” which in the lexicon of government power is a functional synonym for “forever” — the ability of the common people to compel elected representatives to combat the schemes of the Bankster Elite”.

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