“Join The Revolution And Fire Congress – With Just Your Vote!”

From The Article:
“Right now, most of our representatives in Congress think everything is fine exactly the way it
is. They pay lip service to the corruption, but most are completely complicit in the corruption. So the first order of business needs to be doing what we have to in order to fill the Congress with people that actually have an interest in cleaning up all the corruption. We can do this by simply firing every single incumbent in a landslide election. If you’re a staunch republican, vote for any other republican other than the incumbent. If you’re a staunch Democrat, vote for any other democrat than the incumbent. If you don’t belong to any party, just vote for anybody other than the incumbents.”
(Some incumbents have voted against the FISA bill and the 700 billion dollar bailout. These incumbents should remain in Congress, as I see it.)

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