“Christians Flee Iraqi City After Killings”

From The Article:
“Deputy Gov. Khasro Goran said 13 Christians have been slain in the past two weeks inMosul, about 260 miles (420 kilometers) north of Baghdad. Fleeing Christians have sought refuge in monasteries and churches and with family members in other towns, an Interior Ministry official said.

The attacks began after hundreds of Christians took to the streets in Mosul and surrounding villages and towns, seeking greater representation on provincial councils, whose members will be chosen in the local elections.”
(However this pains myself and other Christians in America, the persecution of Iraqi Christians does not justfy the continued occupation of Iraq, as I see it.)

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3 Responses to ““Christians Flee Iraqi City After Killings””

  1. Iraq Says:

    Funny how these Christians were joyful at the fall of Saddam. We have seen them praise their fellow Christian crusading liberators.

    Don’t they miss him now? And who is better now, Saddam or Bush?

    And where is their born-again-hypocrite ? Is’t he supposed to protect them. Aaah, he is too busy with financial mess he created.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Iraq–that is a horrible thing to say. It’s shameful the way people like you run your mouth. If you are seriously comparing Saddam, who put people through meat grinders, to Bush…you clearly have impaired judgment.

  3. roosevans Says:

    Katherine, it is ironic that under Saddam Hussein’s rule of Iraq, Iraqi Christians were protected. The Vice President of Iraq was Christian! Since the Bush occupation Iraqi Christians have suffered tremendously and that speaks badly for America, a Christian nation with a “born again” President. Not even mainstream evangelicals have voiced conecern for Iraqi Christians!

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